b'100 Years: 1920-2021 This Quarter in History. November, December and January Events to Remembershows just that. GOP swept all statewide offices by historicNV: Pres. John Saxon introduced the new board members;Fuel Marketing Act, Below Cost Selling, On-line Operator margins. PAC fundraisers were Golf at Blue Lakes hosted byLawrence Waugh 1st VP, and Gregg Benson as PMAA Director.Training, and Electronic Fuel Tax Filing update were other Jim Lynch and Rob Franklin; Dinner with Lt. Governor BradState Directors were Greg Michael, Chris Kemper, Lancetopics. The good news was fuel tax filers compliance was Little hosted by Dennis and Carla Campo; Golf at AvondaleGail, Mark Lytle, and Steve Yarborough. Topics were theextended from December 2010 to December 2011.hosted by Bonnie Grande; Golf at Falcon Crest hosted byTanker Yanker fundraiser success, Nevada elections, and aWA: ED Lea McCullough (LM) Elections Change the Politi-Dennis Baird; and Golf at Huntsman Springs hosted byreminder about the WPMA/NV Scholarship opportunity. cal Landscape in Washingtonever so slightly. Steve Clark Ron, Michelle, Matt and Amy Berry. Other topics coveredNM: ED Ruben Baca (RB) On November 2nd, NM madewas welcomed to the WOMA chairs.Winter 2010 WPMN Clip were the Governors Transportation Task Force, Economichistory by electing the first female Governor in the state,WMI: Pres. David Leo (DL) Outlook for Idaho State Budget, WPMA/Idaho website andas well as the first Hispanic female Governor in the US.Employer Mandates under PPACA Convention at Sun Valley Resort for 2011. Republican Susana Martinez was the current District(Patient Protection and AffordablePPACAMT: ED Ronna Alexander (RA) PETRO POLLY: A thief stuckAttorney for the city of Las Cruces. NM also elected, for theCare Act) were W-2 Disclosure,Patient Protection anda pistol in a mans ribs and said; Give me all your money.second time in history, a Republican Secretary of State.employers with 51 or moreAffordable Care ActThe gentleman, shocked by the sudden attack, said, YouState Senator Diana Duran won over incumbent Democratfull-time equivalent employees, minimum standards for cant do this, Im a United States congressman! The thiefMary Herrera.qualifying coverage, employer waiting periods limited to said, In that case give me all my money. Ive decided PetroUT: ED John Hill (JH) Governor Gary Herbert kept the office90 days, and automatic enrollment.Pete needs competition.to set the tone. This . Pollyhe inherited 15 months ago when then Governor Huntsman2010 (Nov 1) The San Francisco Giants defeated the Texas observation may illustrate the mood of the masses at the elec- was picked by President Obama to be US ambassador toRangers to win their first world series in 56 years.tions. Other topics were Mixing Zone Legislation, MandatoryChina. Day on Capitol Hill was set for March 2nd; the Motor(Nov 2) The Democrats kept control of the Senate, but the Alcohol Serving Training, and Local Government. Republicans gained six seats, reducing the Democrats majority. The Republicans gained control of the House with a gain of at least 64 seats, making it the largest seat change for any party since the 1948 election and the Winter 2010 WPMN Clip largest for any midterm since the 1938 midterm elections. Republicans also won a majority of governorships, adding 12 to the other 11 who won their reelection bids, and a majority of State Legislatures.(Nov 4) The US Federal Reserve announced it would buy $600 billion in bonds to encourage economic growth.continued on page 22Associate Members by Company(As of October 31)Current info at www.wpma.com/associate-member-searchcontinued B Big Rigs Tanker Service Inc C Cascade Signs & Neon Chevron Products CoBB&A Environmental Aaron Smith CFN & Pacific Pride Services LLC Lisa Kinnee Kevin BenchRandy Boese aaron@bigrigsts.com Catrina Kersich lisa@cascade-signs.com kdbench@chevron.comrjboese@bbaenv.com Phone (253) 845-6657 catrina.kersich@fleetcor.com Phone (503) 378-0012 Phone (801) 541-5560Phone (503) 570-9484 Transporter, Trucking, Phone (503) 400-2349 Signs & Lighting Petroleum Products, Suppliers, MarketingTank Removal/Installation, Environ- Transportation/Terminals Automated Fueling, Fueling Facility,Central Service Inc Chevron Products Comental, Petroleum Testing/Sampling Big Rigs Tanker Service Inc Fleet Management Lee Bennett Kevin GoodwinBP Products North America Inc Roger Smith CHS Inc lee@centralserviceinc.com kevin.goodwin@chevron.comRocky Sida krista@bigrigsts.com Randy Kuehn Phone (541) 550-7230 Phone (801) 750-4776scott.sida@bp.com Phone (253) 845-6657 randy.kuehn@chsinc.com Construction, Petroleum Equipment Petroleum Products, Suppliers, MarketingPhone (253) 862-9287 Transporter, Trucking, Phone (406) 628-5368Petroleum Products, Suppliers, Marketing Transportation/Terminals Cargo Tank Testing, Tank Lining, Central Service Inc Chevron Products CoBlue Star Gas Tank Removal/Installation, Brad Hughbanks Kristina BrownBestWorth Rommel Darren Engle Transportation/Terminals bradh@centralserviceinc.com kristina.brown@chevron.comTraci Kerney Phone (541) 550-7230 Phone (801) 539-7349tkerney@bestworth.com dengle@bluestargas.com CHS Inc Construction, Petroleum Equipment Petroleum Products, Suppliers, MarketingPhone (360) 435-2927 Phone (206) 762-2583 Adam NorcuttC-Store Co Branding, Canopies,Petroleum Products, Suppliers adam.norcutt@chsinc.com Century Business Solutions Chevron Products CoConstruction Boise Cold Storage Co Phone (651) 497-9287 Maddy Benner Alain SteenbeekePetroleum Products, Suppliers,cbsassociationsasteenbeeke@chevron.comBestWorth Rommel Kent Johnson Transporter @centurybizsolutions.com Phone (253) 241-1843Steve Quigg kj@boisecold.com CSESCO Inc Phone (888) 500-7798 Petroleum Products, Suppliers, Marketingsquigg@bestworth.com Phone (208) 344-8477 Credit Card Processor, Merchant ServicesPhone (425) 391-6783 Warehousing, Frozen Beverages, Food/Ice Darren Anderson Citizens Bank Canopies, Construction Brugg Pipesystems LLC info@csesco.com Chevron -Convenience & Fuels GroupPhone (801) 292-4404 Chris Lingley Mike PhelpsBickler Auto & Truck Kelly Crellin Fuel Storage Tanks (UST), Petroleumclingley@chevron.com mike.phelps@citizensbank.comRobin Geck kelly.crellin@brugg.com Equipment, POS (Point Of Sales) Petroleum Products, Suppliers, Marketing Phone (949) 726-7311rrgeck@bresnan.net Phone (706) 346-0972 Calumet Specialty Products Financial Services, BankPhone (406) 252-2058 Petroleum Equipment, Service StationChevron Products CoAuto Repair Equipment, Equipment Manufacturer Vern Draney George Woltervern.draney@clmt.com wolt@chevron.com continued on page 22Phone (801) 589-9905 Phone (907) 350-2537WPMA News / Winter 2020Petroleum Products, Suppliers, Marketing 19Petroleum Products, Suppliers, Marketing'