b'Member Information continuedAssociate Members by Company(As of October 30) This Quarter in History15 Years Agocontinued. November, December and JanuaryFor complete Associate Member information go to www.wpma.com/associate-member-searchWMI: (DL) Shared points from the ExxonMobil Gordon Thomas Honeywell LLP Heil Trailer International WINTER/Dec 2005 WPMN ClipKaiser Family Foundation survey and Fuels Marketing Co J Bradley Buckhalter Jason Langston the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Curtis Lepley bbuckhalter@gth-law.com jlangston@heiltrailer.com for a 2005-06 Insurance Market curtis.s.lepleyPhone (253) 620-6488 Phone (626) 252-9356 Review. @exxonmobil.com Legal Services Tank Manufacturing, Truck TrailerPhone (832) 624-4705 Repair & Parts, Truck & Transport Sales 2005 (Nov 1) Charles, Prince of Wales Great Western Leasing & Sales and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall Petroleum Products, Suppliers, Marketing Carl Clees Heil Trailer International arrived in the US for a state visit, their F carl@gwleasing.com Jarrod Johnson first overseas tour since their marriage.FPPF Chemical Company Inc Phone (505) 833-5000 jjohnson Melba Stewart Cargo Tank Testing, Truck Trailer Re- @entransinternational.com (Nov 4) The US and Uruguay governments signed a Bilateral Investment Treaty.mstewart@fppf.com pair & Parts, Truck & Transport Sales Phone (423) 745-5830 (Nov 6) A tornado in western Kentucky and southwestern IndianaPhone (716) 856-9607 Greer Steel Inc Truck & Transport Sales killed 25 with $92 million in damages.Oils, Additives & Chemicals, AdditivesDavid Kapla Hi-Country Snack Foods Inc (Nov 20) The Washington Post rebuked journalist Bob Woodward over & Chemicals Supply, Car Wash Supplies dkapla@greertank.com Johnal Holst his conduct in the CIA leak probe.Federated Insurance Phone (253) 581-4100 johnal@hicountrymail.com 2005 (December) The unemployment rate fell below 5% for the first Jordon Gonzalez Tank Manufacturing, Phone (406) 362-4203jcgonzalez@fedins.com Above Ground Storage Tanks, Snack Items, Manufacturing, Distributor time since August 2001; it remained below 5% until December 2007.Phone (209) 277-6161 Underground Storage Tanks High Desert Petroleum (Dec 23) US Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld announced the first Insurance, Risk Management Grid Mark Signs Inc Sam Bailey in an expected series of troop drawdowns following the Iraqi elections.Federated Insurance Chris Gridley info@hdpnv.com 2006 (Jan 2) The annual Rose Parade in California was drenched in Sal LoMagro cgridley@gridmark.com Phone (702) 382-1506 heavy rain for the first time in 51 years.Phone (208) 939-2370 Phone (509) 327-2385 Construction, Fuel Storage Tanks Signs & Lighting, Advertising, PepsiCo announced its purchase of Star Foods, saying that the purchase Insurance, Risk Management (UST), Tank Removal/Installation, Fleet Graphics Service Provider would strengthen its place as Polands number one seller of potato chips. Federated Insurance Groendyke Transport (Jan 5)The Bush administration proposed spending $114 million on Jack West HollyFrontierjewest@fedins.com Jeff Moe Refining & Marketing LLC educational programs to expand the teaching of Arabic, Chinese, Phone (507) 455-5175 jmoe@groendyke.com Trent Anderson Persian and other languages typically not taught in public schools. Insurance, Risk Management Phone (303) 289-3373 trent.anderson(Jan 6) AOL agreed to pay customers as much as $25 million to settle Federated Insurance Transporter, Trucking @hollyfrontier.com claims that it wrongly billed them for some online services and products. Cody Shumacher Groendyke Transport Phone (480) 256-1992 (Jan 10) Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger proposed a clshumacher@fedins.com John McDonald Petroleum Products, Suppliers, Marketing $125.6 billion budget increasing spending without raising taxes. Phone (785) 608-6309 Phone (575) 746-2741 HollyFrontier (Jan 11) The Augustine Volcano in Alaska erupted twice, marking its first Insurance, Risk ManagementRefining & Marketing LLCFederated Insurance Groendyke Transport Ron Ludlow major eruption since 1986.Christian Kocherscheidt Jim Hoelker ron.ludlow@hollyfrontier.com (Jan 13) The US Government reported that wholesale inflation in 2005 ckocherscheidt@fedins.com jhoelker@groendyke.com Phone (801) 299-6664 increased by the highest amount since 1990. Phone (580) 234-4663 C-Store Co Branding, Petroleum Phone (801) 803-3837 Transporter, Trucking Products, Suppliers (Jan 15) NASAs Stardust mission successfully ended, the first to return Insurance, Risk Management Gulf Oil LP Hunting Works for Utah dust from a comet. Fortune Company Chris Gannon Andy Leer (Jan 19) NASA launched Al Rosellini cgannon@gulfoil.com info@huntingworksforut.com the New Horizons al@fortuneco.com Phone (386) 283-1471 Phone (801) 657-5606 spacecraft in a 9-year, 3 WINTER/Dec 2005 WPMN Clip Phone (206) 762-7756 Petroleum Products Other Associations, Other Services billion mile space mission, Other Services, BrokerFranklin Fueling Systems Inc H HydroCon Environmental LLC to fly by and observe the Ryan Ballard HTP Energy David Borys dwarf planetary system of ryan.ballardKen Kresky davidb@hydroconllc.net Pluto/Charon and possibly @franklinfueling.com ken.kresky@htpenergy.com Phone (360) 719-0682 other Kuiper belt objects. Phone (503) 505-3127 Phone (608) 790-0236 Environmental (Jan 26) General Motors Petroleum Equipment, Service Suppliers I reported an $8.6 billion Station Equipment HTP Energy Idaho Lottery loss for 2005, its biggest G Craig Waldvogel Larry Polowski loss since 1992. Gage - Lab Products Inc craig.waldvogel@htpenergy.com lpolowski@lottery.idaho.gov (Jan 27) An inhaled form of insulin won federal approval, offering an Tim Zimmerman Phone (608) 779-6570 Phone (208) 334-2600 alternative to injections for millions of people with diabetes. gl@gagelabproducts.com Lottery (Jan 30) The White House announced that President Bush hadPhone (801) 716-2972 HTP Energy Inland Kenworth US IncEquipment Supplies Hayden Potts Allen Welch chosen Professor Edward Lazear, a Stanford University business GetUpside hayden.pottsawelch@inland-group.com professor, to succeed Ben Bernanke as chairman of his Council of Regan Kleinpeter @htpenergy.com Phone (505) 884-0300 Economic Advisors. Bernanke would succeed Alan Greenspan as regan@getupside.com Phone (608) 769-6917 Truck Trailer Repair & Parts, Chairman of the Federal Reserve. Phone (512) 573-5770 Suppliers Truck & Transport Sales (Jan 31) Samuel Alito was sworn in as an associate justice of the Technology Supreme Court of the US.26 www.wpma.com / Winter 2020'