b'2020Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from yourFriends in the Industrythrough August and rose again follow-ing Labor Day. These increased numbers put additional pressure on those students fortunate enough to be in-class and will keep many others onlinelikely through the remainder of 2020.209 Jordon GonzalezQuarterly Revenue Forecasts -277-6161 | jcgonzalez@fedins.com In late September,Oregon state economists released their quarterly rev-enue forecasts. Overall, the message was surprisingly positive. Oregon is not ex-pected to have a revenue shortfall because corporate and personal income taxes are up from previous estimates. The positive revenue forecast credited the infusion of unprecedented federal stimulus resources. Unemployment numbers peaked in May at about 14% and have come down to 7.7% as of August. Cap & Reduce ProgramLastly,the Oregon DEQ has started the administrative process for implementing a cap & reduce program for the State of Oregon. The program is designed to reduce carbon emissions in the manufac-turing and transportation sectors. After holding a series of workshops, the DEQ will begin townhalls on the topic before initiating the rules advisory committees where the policy will be debated before going to the Environmental Quality Com-mission (EQC) for adoption. Due to the DEQ administrative process, we do not anticipate the subject of cap-and-trade to return to the Oregon Legislature in 2021.On behalf of OFA, stay safeand be well. SWPMA News / Winter 202025'