b"4393 South Riverboat Rd. Of ce:Suite 380Salt Lake City, Utah 84123Gene D. Inglesby Mail: Of ce:PO Box 571500 4393 South Riverboat Rd. Chief Executive Of cer Murray, Utah 84157-1500genei@wpma.com Tel: (801) 263-WPMA Suite 380www.wpma.com Salt Lake City, Utah 84123(801) 263-9762 Jan Roothoff Mail:Cell: (801) 209-2809Fax: (801) 262-9413 Administration/I.T. Director PO Box 571500janr@wpma.com Murray, Utah 84157-1500www.wpma.com Tel: (801) 263-WPMAwww.wpmaexpo.com (9762) ext 105Direct line: (801) 327-9344Fax: (801) 262-94134393 South Riverboat Rd. Of ce:Suite 380Salt Lake City, Utah 84123Gene D. Inglesby Mail: Of ce:PO Box 571500Chief Executive Of cer Murray, Utah 84157-1500 4393 South Riverboat Rd. genei@wpma.com Tel: (801) 263-WPMA Suite 380www.wpma.com Salt Lake City, Utah 84123(801) 263-9762Cell: (801) 209-2809 Christine Nunley Mail:Fax: (801) 262-9413 Publications Director PO Box 571500chrisn@wpma.com Murray, Utah 84157-1500www.wpma.com Tel: (801) 263-WPMAwww.wpmaexpo.com (9762) ext 106Direct line: (801) 327-9355Fax: (801) 262-94132020-21 OFFICERS & DIRECTORS 2020 Safe and Happy Holiday Greetings4393 South Riverboat Rd. Of ce:WPMA EXECUTIVE HAWAII STATE DIRECTORSCOMMITTEE Alton Higa Presidents Message Salt Lake City, Utah 84123Kim White Suite 380WPMA President Aloha Petroleum LLCTrade Show Coordinator Mail:& 1st Vice-PresidentHonolulu kimw@wpma.com Murray, Utah 84157-1500 Of ce:Steve ClarkAlec McBarnet2020 PO Box 571500 4393 South Riverboat Rd. Genesee EnergyMaui Oil Company Incwww.wpma.comSeattle, WA Kahului www.wpmaexpo.com Tel: (801) 263-WPMA Salt Lake City, Utah 84123WPMA 2nd Vice PresidentPaul OliveiraThe Year that Wasn't . (9762)Jamie Wood Suite 380Kary TonjumMaui Oil Company IncMember Services Director Mail:CityServiceValconKahului PO Box 571500Kalispell, MT Steve Wetteror a Necessary Reset?Fax: (801) 262-9413 jamiew@wpma.com Murray, Utah 84157-1500WPMA 3rd Vice-PresidentHawaii Petroleum LLCIthat we werewww.wpma.comwww.wpmaexpo.com Tel: (801) 263-WPMAJeremy BautistaKahului (9762) ext 102River City Petroleum Las Vegas, NVIDAHO It seems like far longer than a year ago Direct line: (801) 327-9359WPMA Senior IPM&CSA Presidentrolling up to 2020 with excited anticipation. 2020 was to be theFax: (801) 262-9413EMA DirectorMatt Berryyear of perfect vision. A new decade of prosperity, achieve-4393 South Riverboat Rd. Annie MarszalBerry Oil Inc, Idaho Falls ment and milestones. 2019, by most measures, was a greatOf ce:Lahaina PetroleumPaia, HI IPM&CSA 1st Vice-PresidentWPMA President, year. A year to be the foundation of even greater things to come Kim White Suite 380Salt Lake City, Utah 84123Scott Lynch WPMA Immediate Lynch Oil Co, Burley Steve Clark in 2020, as our economy was hitting on all cylinders. Alas, the Trade Show Coordinator Mail:WPMA Presidentnew year barely began before that idyllic vision was blurred PO Box 571500IPM&CSA 2nd Vice-Presidentkimw@wpma.com Murray, Utah 84157-1500 Of ce:Dennis CampoDerek Brewerwith fear and uncertainty. And what was initially thought to4393 South Riverboat Rd. Campo & Poole Distributingwww.wpma.comValley Wide Cooperativebe only a pause for a few weeksmaybe a couple months Fruitland, ID www.wpmaexpo.com Tel: (801) 263-WPMA Salt Lake City, Utah 84123Nampa (9762)Kathy Michaelis Suite 380WPMA CEOat the very mostturned into a yearlong freeze. Have weAccounts Payable and Gene InglesbyIPM&CSA EMA Directorbeen transported to Narnia where it is always winter, but neverScholarship Coordinator Mail:Salt Lake City, UT & Immediate Past PresidentChristmas? Is 2020 to be a throwaway year?Fax: (801) 262-9413 PO Box 571500Eric Buschkathym@wpma.com Murray, Utah 84157-1500WPMA BusCrd15-1120ck.indd 1 www.wpma.comBusch Distributors Inc, Moscow Certainly, we cannot take lightly the pain and sorrow that has come to those that havewww.wpmaexpo.com Tel: (801) 263-WPMAWPMA STAFFIPM&CSA Executive Director Kathy MichaelisSuzanne Budgelost loved ones to this pandemic. But perhaps, as we lean into 2021 with cautious(9762) ext 103Accounts Payable/IPM&CSA, Boise optimism, we should look at 2020 another way. Perhaps we should not simply throwDirect line: (801) 327-9350Scholarship Coordinator IDAHO STATE DIRECTORS it away or cross it out as if it never happened. Can we find value in it? A course cor- Fax: (801) 262-9413Christine NunleyBrett Adamsrection, a necessary reset, a time to take stock of what we really value? It was, after Publication Director Adams Petroleum Inc, Burleyall, costly to all of us and will be for generations. But life is a compounding interest of Jan RoothoffRon Berryour experiences, and negative years will change the Internal Rate of Return. Perfect11/20/15 4:30 PMAdministration/IT Director Berry Oil Inc, Tetonia vision may mean something different than we thought.Kim WhiteDennis Campo Trade Show Coordinator Campo & Poole DistributingOn a personal level, I was finally able to get some distance from extreme busyness Jamie WoodFruitland and a lot of should dos. Instead of moving through life going from one event to the Member Services Director Holly Claiborn United Oil, Caldwell next, weekends returned to what they used to berestful. I needed that break. For Bob Colemanmany, home projects that never seemed to get checked off the list were finally com-STATE Coleman Oil Co, Lewiston pleted. And we were all given unexpected time to be with our kids, a chance to walk OFFICERS & DIRECTORS Ed Croymansin the neighborhood, and to catch up on books (or Netflix). For some of us, 2020 wasHAWAII CityServiceValcona good time to figure out which things we would forgive about ourselves and which HPMA PresidentKalispell, MT to say, enough is enough and finally change. Kimo HaynesTyler Harker Hawaii Petroleum LLCValley Wide CooperativeSo, now that we are approaching the end of 2020, we have the opportunity once Kahului Nampa again to look forward to a new vision. And there are hopeful signs. Business Insider HPMA 1st Vice-PresidentBrad Holland Campo & Poole Distributingreports a recent study that shows 83% of small to medium size business owners say Eric WrightFruitlandPar Hawaii LLCthey are optimistic about 2021. This sentiment reflects the resilience of small busi-Honolulu Charley Jonesness owners to not only survive, but to thriveto find new ways to reach customers, HPMA 2nd Vice-PresidentStinker Stores, Boise leverage technology to accelerate growth, and adapt operations to maximize efficien-Robert HoodJustin Kerrcy. Many companies ramped up backup plans for all aspects of their businesses, not Aloha Petroleum LLCKerr Oil Co, Coeur dAlene just the critical ones. But for this optimism to take root, we need to bring with us what Honolulu Ben Roberts HPMA EMA DirectorMaverik Incwe learned in 2020, as much as we might rather forget it. Annie MarszalSalt Lake City, UTLahaina PetroleumJake SearleOn that note, WPMA has a well thought-out backup plan. Since the beginning of the Paia Conrad & Bischoff Inc, Nampa pandemic, Gene Inglesby and the WPMA staff have been in constant communica-Immediate Past HPMATony Stonetion with the Mirage staff regarding the 2021 EXPO. The Mirage is now open for PresidentJackson Energy, Meridianbusiness and is following strict safety protocols. Therefore, at this point, we are still Jim Yates Par Hawaii IncBlair Trumanplanning on a live meeting in Las Vegas. If the situation changes, and a live meeting Honolulu Bingham Cooperative, Blackfoot cant occur, we will still have a show, putting Plan B into action.HPMA Executive DirectorDan West Robert FungKellerstrass Enterprises Inc2020 is almost over, and we will all give a collective cheer when it is. Our new vision HPMA, Kailua Kimberly isnt perfect, but it is renewed and refocused. Winter is here, but 2021 is right around continued the corner and it will be great.S6 www.wpma.com / Winter 2020"