b'Last year I was able to make the decisionto apply to nursing school atSouthern Utah University. The fall semester was focused on finishing my prerequisite classes for the program and applying for the Spring 2020 nursing class. I was disappointed to learn that I had not been fully accepted to the program at first. As March approached, I welcomed the news that I was ac-cepted into the nursing program and would be able to start my studies in the fall. Looking back on this experience, I am grateful I was not in classes dur-ing this past spring semester. As we all know, COVID-19 impacted the world and schools were closed. If I had been in the program at that time I would have struggled with online courses and clinicals. I have very clear goals for Aryn Blair completing my education now. Nursing school will not be easy, but I plan on studying a little every day, practicing procedures in lab and in clinicals, and asking for help when necessary. UTAH SCHOLARSHIP Aryn Blair OrtonUtah 2017 My second year at the University of Montana was definitely a year I willremember. The first semester was a ton of work with the hardest course load I have ever had. In addition to that, I applied to our Pharmacy School Program in the fall. In the second semester, I was able to take a lighter course load as I had run out of prerequisites for Pharmacy school. This ended up working well, especially with the move to online instruction due to COVID-19. Both my Cellular and Molecular Biology and my Organic Chemistry II courses were very difficult because the information that was taught did not seem to Camryn Cooper match the information that was tested on. These were challenging hurdles to MONTANA SCHOLARSHIP overcome but ultimately it worked out. Next fall I will enter Skaggs School of Pharmacy and am looking forward to doing so! Camryn CooperMontana 2018 Considering the abrupt transition from in-class to online learning, I am satisfied with my performance this Spring semester. I was able to main-tain high grades throughout all my classes. In many ways, online learning made class more accessible and gave me the ability to really focus on the work from the comfort of my own home. In addition, I was unemployed due to the pandemic which left me more time to focus on classes. I feel lucky that the pandemic didnt negatively affect my academic performance. My goals Drianna Dimatulac for next semester are to become more involved in extra-curricular activities NEVADA SCHOLARSHIP as I approach closer to my graduation date.Drianna DimatulacNevada 2018 \x07My\x07first\x07year\x07of\x07college\x07was\x07more\x07than\x07I\x07could\x07have\x07ever\x07imagined. I was able to meet some of my best friends and challenge myself academi-cally. I learned new study habits that will help me in the future, and I have new-found skills in adaptation because of the transition to online learning due to COVID-19. I am very proud of my performance this past year, consid-ering all the obstacles that were in my way. I hope to continue to be flexible in years to come and will use my experiences from this past year to continue to grow as a student and as a person.Violet Barkley Violet BarkleyAssociate at Large 2019ASSOCIATE-AT-LARGE SWPMA News / Winter 202063'