b'This Quarter in Historycontinued . November, December and January 100 Years: 1920-2021 Events to RememberThe average motorist is in a hurry. He appreciates(Nov 18) USMT: About this time of year the Big Sky Coun-promptness and quick service because it saves him time.Presidenttry turns into the Big Sky Freezer. The MT 1971 Chances are good he will come back to the station thatRichard NixonState Senate line up was 30 Democrats and 25 offers prompt service. asked theRepublicans, House of Representatives included 55C ourtesy is something that each of us can give and it costsUS CongressRepublicans and 49 Democrats.us nothing. This does not mean just surface politeness; itfor $155,000,000 in supplemental aid for the CambodianNV: Members were encouraged to send word on the new does mean regard for the feelings of others and a genuinegovernment ($85,000,000 was for military assistance totaxes that might affect the small businessman. In Las Vegas desire to be helpful. prevent the overthrow of the government of Premier LonHoward Hughes, Phantom-of-the STRIP, at age 65 did not Guard against the tendency to become mechanical in yourNol by the Khmer Rouge and North Vietnam). appear before the NV Gaming Commission for his various greeting. Above all, smile. It is a universally welcomed(Nov 23) Rodgers and Hammersteins Oklahoma! made itslicenses in person, which became big news.expression of goodwill, and its very contagious. network TV debut, when CBS telecastedNM: O.L. Garretson, president of Plateau Inc. in Farmington Courteous service and the use of your customersthe 1955 film version as a three-hourNM, served as general chairman of an LP-Gas Engine Fuel name are the icing on the cake that help buildThanksgiving special. Symposium in Detroit, MI.customer confidence. 1971 (DEC IOMN) President (EJW)UT: On January 8th a General Membership Chapter meeting A happy, busy working environment helps makeOne of the most important moves this an enthusiastic employee. This attitude carries overat the Rodeway Inn in Salt Lake City was scheduled with into his relations with your customers. Association has made in its history wasspeakers from both houses of the UT Legislature and from Make it your job to build a crew of men that workthe establishment of State Chaptersboth political parties. All phases of the 1971 Utah Legislative together. To achieve this, each man should do hisDEC 1970 IOMN Cover Clipin 1970Each State Chapter hasprogram were discussed.share of the work plus a little bit more. This is teamworkits own legislative problems. Each State hasIOMA: The 19th Annual Convention and Trade Exposition working for you. its own area industry problems. In either case, Legislativewas schedule for February 23-25, 1971, at the Sahara Hotel Motorists who are not regular customers may ask or Industry, when these problems develop a national scope,in Las Vegas, NV. Speakers were Dr. Kenneth McFarland, a time-consuming questions, but a sincere effort to bewe then turn them over to the National Oil Jobbers Councilnational public speaker, trade school leader, businessman, helpful often makes a loyal friend for your brand and in Washington DC (NOJC)(when) Legislative problemscivic leader, church leader, farmer, stockman and author for your station.for the small businessman have been discussed. The solutionfrom Kansas as keynote; Arthur Richard, vice president, The most important thing to training a new man to such problems are usually handled at the State Chaptermarketing for Tokheim Corporation in Fort Wayne, IN; and is how to smile, emphasized one dealer again. level with the assistance of the IOMA administrative office. IfNOJC Executive Vice president Gregg Potvin from WA DC.(1964Time, Inc. permission by LIFE magazine) outside assistance is necessary, this can also be arrangedproblems are handled by the full force of our membership. ThisHeadliners: Myths and Quick Fact about Air Pollution and It was estimated that it would take eight cars made is most important. To call attention to legislatures, Govern- Autos; and American Oil Company promoted Thomas J. after 1975 to equal the pollution produced by one ment bodies or to top industry officials that we representMcJoynt to regional vice president of the Western Region, car made in 1961 or 1962.LARGE NUMBERS of Oil Marketers is much more impressiveheadquartered in Salt Lake City.1970 (Nov) The 1969-1970than to represent only a fewfighting the battle for all Job- (JAM) December and the Christmas recession ended. bers, Agents and Truck Stop Operators. The Free Ride is over,season is upon us. A little more com-(Nov 3) Ronald Reaganand this Association needs the support of ALL oil marketers. mercialized, if thats possible, but its was re-elected as GovernorID: State Chapter meeting at the Ramada Inn in Burley instill Christmas We still have a war of CA; Jimmy Carter wasDecember had C. Garber, Tax Attorney from the Standard Oilin progress and others that could start elected as Governor of GA. Company of California, San Francisco as speaker.at any time. 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