b'2020Safe and Happy Holiday Greetings ~ Merry IdaHo Ho Ho IDAHO Petroleum Marketers & Convenience Store Association State Reporttransportation and fuel-related proposals, local option salesIdaho Weightsor fuel taxes, UST and environmental regulations, alterna- and Measures Feestive energy. Tax and market incentives to enhance the use ofare Changing E-Vehicles, renewable fuels and alternative energy are gaining ground across the country, and we can expect them to appear Heres What youin Idaho. As energy marketers in a large rural state, we shouldNeed to Know:always be prepared to explain and defend the value of liquidThe Idaho Department petroleum fuels in the energy marketplace.of Agriculture will propose to IPM&CSA Supports Like-Minded the 2021 Legislature a new feeIdaho Insider Candidates in 2020 Elections schedule. The latest proposal IPM&CSA PAC Supports Our Allies at the Statehouse: phases in a fee increase over three years beginning in 2022, andSuzanne Budge IPM&CSA commits time and resourcesto legislativegradually increases fees from $7IPM&CSAExecutive Directorand statewide races and supports elected officials who shareto $8 per device, in 2024. This our philosophy of government policy and regulations. In theis a victory for IPM&CSA and past 19 years, the Idaho PAC has contributed $178,500 to can- other groups who opposed the didates! Most importantly - Idaho marketers continue to buildoriginal fee schedule and worked relationships with key legislators and government officials towith IDSA to modify the struc-ensure that our industry is represented in the development ofture. The new fee schedule will Idaho laws and regulations.fund the Weights and Measures Sadly, the COVID emergency and associated restrictionsprogram adequately without prevented us from holding our regional golf outings in 2020.doubling device fees as originally Its a good thing we have consistently raised funds annually toproposed. We also insist that state support the PAC throughout the election cycle. Prudent man- general funds pay their fair share agement of our PAC funds allowed IPM&CSA to support aof consumer protection costs, record number of candidates in 2020 in anticipation of a busywhich should not be shifted to the legislative session in 2021. We also acknowledge and appre- regulated community. ciate IPM&CSA member companies supporting candidates directly in those areas of the state where they do business. AND JUST A FEW REMINDERS PMAA Is Now EMAEnergy Marketers of Americais the new name for our national organization, which has long been identified asOn Your CalendarPencil this In!Petroleum Marketers Association of America or PMAA. The IPM&CSA 2021Annual Convention in Sun Valley, national board voted at the October meeting to adopt the newIdaho August 4-6, 2021. Check out the Sun Valley name and a new image. Check out the new website at Resort at www.sunvalley.comhttps://www.energymarketersofamerica.org SWPMA News / Winter 202013'