b' Member InformationThis Quarter in Historycontinued . November, December and JanuaryMember 2020 Anniversaries50 Years AgoMarketer Congratulations to these MARKETER MEMBERS1970 [NOV Intermountain Oil Marketers News who celebrated WPMA anniversaries in 2020(IOMN)] President E. Jay Whiting (EJW) of Whiting Stations Inc, with stations in AZ, CA, NV and UT:65 + years 30 years 15 years (Associations) have rapidlyincreasing memberships and furnish to their members valuable information on goings-on in busi-Glendale Heating Wilson Oil IncC&R Distributing ness and politics that cannot be obtained anywhere elseIn the past, Kellerstrass Enterprises LLC dba Wilcox and Par Hawaii LLC a small businessman, if he wanted to, could go it alone. He cant now! He Sound Oil Company Inc Flegel Oil Co Wasatch Propane must relate to what his competition in his industry is doingWe want Alderman Oil Co Judith Gap Oil you in here! We want more muscle!60years (ED) Jim A. Murphy (JAM): a few thoughts about Ballard Oil Co Inc 25 years 10 years a pet peeve of mine: The image of the oil industry! Rebel Oil Co Inc the oil industry should immediately get about Hone Oil Company Friendly Fuels the business of improving its imageAny industry Hunsaker Oil PacWest Energy that manufactures a product which is so necessary 45 years Hall Oil Inc Pro Petroleum to everyday American life and, when this product is Hardy Enterprises Black Oil Company River City Petroleum Inc finally sold to the motorist, one third of the cost to the motorist goes for State and Federal taxes, that industry must be hon-40 years 20 years Sevier Valley Oil Inc orable.While our industry has slipped a little in the State Legislatures Breen Oil Company and in the Congress, top management of this great industry must never SNG Inc 5 years forget that confusing information about our problems to the American Simons Petroleum Inc Market Express Inc Pic Quik Stores Inc public is worse than no information at all. Inform the small businessman Latitudesthe jobbers, distributors, and dealers - and they will in turn brighten this industrys image to its original Maverik Inc luster. Maybe its third and three for the Majors.NOV 1970 IOMN Clips ID: IOMA Dir/Chairman Shelley Trimble/Nampa, V-Chairman Fred Allen/Burley, Directors Ray Pitman/Boise, Howard Parish/Buhl, Jim Lynch/Burley and Associate We would like to thank our ASSOCIATE MEMBERSKenlon Johnson/Idaho Falls.who celebrated WPMA anniversaries this past yearMT: IOMA Dir/Chairman Les Waite, Jr./Butte,V-Chairman Francis Durfee/Drummond, Directors Ben 45years 20 years 10 years Taylor/Shelby and Dan Heltne/Havre.Chevron Products Co Valero Marketing & Supply TonaTec Exploration NV: IOMA Dir/Chairman H.C. Bishop/Las Vegas, V-Chairman Tom Meranda/Elko, Directors Paul Hankins/Elko and Jack Carson/Las Vegas.35 years Z Engineering 5 years UT: IOMA Dir/Chairman Denny Dunn Jr./Salt Lake City, V-Chairman & Environmental Owen Yeates/Logan, Directors Dick Parsons/Brigham City, Dean Keller-Gabe-Lab Products Inc LA Perks Petroleum Mountain West Insurance strass/Ogden, Jerry Wagstaff/Salt Lake City, Max A Eggertsen/Provo, 30 years Specialists Maul Foster & Alongi Inc Glade Sowards/Vernal and Jim Black/Monticello.US Oil & Refining Co Westmor Industries Mistakes: The man who makes no mistakes lacks boldness and the Pacific Environmental Services Transport Equipment spirit of adventure. He is the one who never tries anything new; he is the BestWorth Rommel Eaton Sales & Service brake on the wheels of progress. So, dont spend your time regretting Solutions mistakes, but get up and hit the line twice as hard. Youll never succeed Utah Logos Inc 15 years Enviro Engineering beyond the mistake to which you are willing to surrender. Remember, a Lower Foods Inc Polar Tank Trailers & Consulting mistake becomes an error only when nothing is done to correct it.Coeur dAlene Service Calumet Specialty Products Pacific Truck Tank Inc IOMA board members attended the NOJC convention in Hollywood, Station Equipment Petroleum Installation (PIS) Tankmax Inc FL, included Mark Hone, National NOJC Director; E. Hay Whiting, IOMA D&R Cofee Service President; and W. C. Roderick, Sr, IOMA Past President. The theme was 25years Jobber Power, referring to the Councils United Petroleum Transports Auto Mate influence in bringing industry changes. PT Risk Management Shell Oil Products US NOJC: (PMAA) Elected Leo D. Guttman Services Ltd Dollar Rent A Car from Belle Vernon, PA as their new Pres.ExxonMobil How to Increase Station Profits:Largo Tank & Equipment Clean-shaven employees in cleanNOV 1970 IOMN Clips Core-Mark International Fuels Marketing Co uniforms are a welcome sight to any motorist at the island. He StoneX Financial Increalizes your hands can get dirty or your uniform mussed, but he dislikes seeing a careless appearance. Always acknowledge a waiting customer. Never neglect this. 50 www.wpma.com / Winter 2020'