b'100 Years: 1920-2021 This Quarter in History15 Years Agocontinued. November, December and January Events to RememberTwo federal appeals courts upheld rulings that the PartialHI: Tom Malone, President; Alex McBarnet, Jr., First ViceUT: Glade Sowards (GS) There were three NOV 1995 WPMN ClipBirth Abortion Act passed by the US Congress in 2003 wasPresident/President Elect; Gary Kaneshiro, Second Viceissues that PMAA was following with unconstitutional because it did not include an exceptionPresident/Secretary/Treasurer; and JimCongress and regulatory agencies. Gerry when the health of a pregnant woman was at risk.Haynes, Immediate Past President.Richardson was thanked for his letters to 25 Years Ago ID: (ED) Dave Mabe (DM) A survey was sentthe Department of Transportation. Other UT out for the 1996 Convention location andNOV 1995marketers were encouraged to follow suit.1995 (NOV WPMN) (GT) Recently the news has fingeredthey were trickling back in. Petroleum StorageWPMN Clip WA: Mike Sciacca (MS) One of the most unproductive things some mafia types that are cheating on taxes to sell low andTank Funding, 1996 Legislative Issues and Taxabout politics in America today is the amount of reap horrendous profits. In an industry where 10 cent mar- Treatment of Kerosene were also topics of discussion. time that candidates for high office must devote gins are considered fortunate for the legitimate marketer,MT: (RA) Elections, end-of the-year planning,to fundraising . Frankly I wish our elected criminals who avoid taxes can sell petroleum products atand Holidays a busy time of the year. Gasamat vsrepresentatives would spend more time on good margins and yet below other marketers cost . WhenLewis & Clark County, MTs first case dealing withNOV 1995governing and less time on raising money. First caught they will likely spend time in prison and rightfullythe Motor Fueling Marketing Act, initially passedWPMN Clip Vice President Bruce Holmstrom played a key soThe marketer that must include tax in his cost of aNOV 1995in 1991. State Political Action Committee androle in an attempt to reform federal campaign financing.product will have no possibility of competing and will beWPMN Clip PMAA Political PAC were also topics. WMIC: Lowe & June forced out of businessThe Supreme Court ruling says thatNV: (PK) The 1995 session of the NevadaAshton (L&JA) The NOV 1995 WPMN Clipstates may solve the problem by moving the incidence ofAshtons visited NMs the tax to the consumer. The logic here is that if the tax is as- Legislature enacted several changes to the UST/sessed on the consumer rather than the Tribe as a distributor,LUST/Claims program. Five charts reviewed theNOV 1995State Convention in the state has the right to collect the tax . If the Tribe doeschanges. WPMN Clip Ruidoso. On the way not want to pay the tax, the state would have no authorityNM: (ED) Everett McGehee (EM)to NM they noticed the to collect because of the sovereign status of the Tribes. TheyIndian Tax-Free Gas Sales were a hot topic.impact humans and their bikes had on the environment have immunity from suitsto solve this problem is for theNOV 1995Charley Brewer was named Outstandingin southern UT, and the famous Moxie Bean Mix from Federal Congress to pass legislation requiringWPMN Clip Member of the NMPMA for 1994/95 yearDove Creek, CO. Once in NM, Everett (Red) McGehee all to pay state tax.for his relentless efforts in the Roundregistered them for the show. In addition to the (GI) Rules & Regs listed practices by taxHouse during the past legislative session and histraditional golf tournament, these guys have a croquet dedication to the goals of all marketers. Golf PACtournament. First Vice President Charlie Hooker cheats to look for, and what you could do toTournament sponsored by D&H Pump Servicesfilled in for President Charley Brewer. Dorothy Queen NOV 1995 protect yourself from the tax cheats.presented a generous check to the NMPMA Board.of Queen Oil & Cas of Carlsbad was the convention WPMN Clip NOV 1995 WPMN Clip chairman. 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