b'2020 State Report 2020Safe and Happy Holiday Greetings ~ Merry IdaHo Ho Ho Idaho Insider IDAHO Petroleum Marketers & Convenience Store Association State Report2021 Legislative Preview ID Idaho Budget Update: There remains significant uncertainty over economic measures this yearso says Idahos official Economic Forecast released from the Governors Division of Financial Management in October 2020. Now theres the understatement of the year! But eight months into a global pandemic, Idaho has defied all predictions in the budget area. Idaho is on track for a $530 million surplus in the current fiscal year, the largest surplus in state history and more than 10-times what was predicted when the budget was setwhat now seems a lifetime agobefore the pandemic-driven emergency hit Idaho. September revenues came in $33 million ahead of forecast, marking the third straight month of the new fiscal year where the economy beat projections, according to a news release from Governor Brad Little. These revenues are 10% ahead of pre-pandemic pre-dictions. Chock it up to Idahos appeal as a great place to live when measured by cost of living, safety, business and tax environment, recreational opportunities and perhaps even a bit of political sanity compared to some of our surrounding states. Looking down the road, we can probably predict that as the fastest growing state in the country, our politi-cal environment is likely to reflect those changing demographics in the future. Whether that change is for better or for worse, remains to be seen.Look for These Changes in thethe body, and adjourn post haste. This has 2021 Legislative Session: been discussed but seems unlikely given the pent up demand to tie the hands of the By all outward appearances,theGovernor and Attorney General during an make-up of the 2021 legislature will lookemergency, or put another way, to give the familiardominantly Republican, con- legislature more of a role during an emer-servative (by most standards), and rural.gency declaration. As noted above, that demographic is likelyExecutive Authority during a Declared to shift in the next round of redistrictingEmergency(See above). Legislators due to Idahos rapid growth, but for 2021chafed during 2020 for being left out of the big picture is already in view. Wherethe distribution of $1.25 billion COVID/we will see changes, and these will matterCARES funding and other actions taken to us, is in the key players at the Idahoby the Governor and defended by the Statehousehow committees are struc- Attorney General during an extreme tured and who is in charge. This includesemergency. They wont want to go home leaders in the House, the Senate, thewithout efforts to rewrite the code to change committees who vet legislation, and in thethat balance of power under Idaho law. membership of the committees themselves. Issues that impact the petroleum market- Transportation is always on the agenda ing industry can move through a variety be it to fund local projects (Local Option of committees, but most often on thosetax authority) or statewide infrastructure that deal with the environment and natural(fuel tax, registration, GARVEE, and other resources, transportation, and taxation.big ideas) but that area has been quiet lead-Here are some key issues expected foring up to the session. No matter, fuel-relat-the upcoming legislative session: ed issues are always on our radar. COVID Liability Protections for Industry IssuesBusinessesthis will be revisited in in the 2021 LegislatureJanuary after the August 2020 special IPM&CSA is well positionedto session passed a version that will protect and defend our industry in the 2021 sunset in July 2021. legislative session. As always, we will be Budget, Budget, BudgetOne scenarioon guard for new taxes and regulations is for the legislature to convene only torelated to fuel distribution and retail. And pass a budget, the sole required action ofthese issues are always on our radar: 12 www.wpma.com / Winter 2020'