b' Member Information continued Associate Members by Company(As of October 30) This Quarter in History25 Years Agocontinued. November, December and JanuaryFor complete Associate Member information go to www.wpma.com/associate-member-search(GI) WPMA and the Information Highwaybetter known as the In-ternet or the World Wide Web (WWW)Getting on an online service is Petroleum Installation (PIS) Premium Title Ron Osborne TruckingDennis Taylor Dan Simpson Ronald G Osborne a step in the right direction. Most of all, it is very exciting and interesting. p.i.s.fuel@comcast.net dan@capstonetitleutah.com Phone (801) 571-7012 Good luck on getting online with your system.Phone (801) 232-2266 Phone (801) 466-7681 Petroleum Products, Transporter,ID: (DM) Fuel Tax Changes and more about Fuel Taxes, Food Inspec-Fuel Storage Tanks (UST), Other Services, Real Estate Sales Trucking tions Fees and Regulation of Petroleum Storage Tanks were the topics Petroleum Equipment,Tank Removal/Installation R Rserving.com of the month.Phillips 66 RAI Services Company Robb Graham MT: (RA) A new year dawns, and rather quietly for Montana as the Bill Brasher Jack Hogan robb@rserving.com legislature will not be in session this even-numbered yearSupreme hoganj@rjrt.com Phone (605) 427-2900bill.a.brasher@p66.com Phone (336) 740-0440 Training Programs Court has ruled that tribal members operating a gas stationhas no Phone (925) 960-9796 legal right to challenge the state gasoline tax as unconstitutionalSuppliers, Wholesale Tobacco S Yellowstone Pipeline has finally been settled, although not to everyones Phillips 66 RH Smith Dist Co/Scalley & Reading satisfactionQuips & Quotes My grandfather once told me that there Renee Semiz Reliable Hauling Service Ford G Scalley are two kinds of people: those who do the work and those who take the renee.k.semiz@p66.com Rod Smith bud@scalleyreading.net credit. He told me to try to be in the first group; there was less competi-Phone (832) 765-3227 rod@rhsmith.com Phone (801) 531-7870Petroleum Products, Suppliers, Marketing Phone (509) 882-3377 Legal Services tion there.Indira GandhiPhillips 66 Consultants, Transporter, Trucking Seaport Sound Terminal NV: (KP) Whats Wrong with SIIS?Plenty! (In) 1860Pony Express Mark Nass RH Smith Distributing Bett Lucas is a striking manifestation of the potential for improving government mark.a.nass@p66.com Doug Smith bett@transmontaigne.com services by turning them over to the private sector . 1979 legislature Phone (360) 779-1462 doug@rhsmith.com Phone (253) 272-9348 passed a very limited law which allowed only a selected few to self-Petroleum Products, Suppliers, Marketing Phone (509) 882-3377 Petroleum Products, Suppliers,insure(1980) but those hotels who had just opted out of the system Consultants, Transporter, Trucking Biodiesel Supplier, TerminalPhillips 66 Owner & Operators said, Hey, what about us! The states reply was, Get a life.the hotels Lynn Chun RPMG Seneca Companies won the lawsuit and the dividend which started as $15 million ended lynn.a.chun@p66.com Todd Kruggel Doug Struve up being $38 million. That event ushered in 1982 as well as the election Phone (206) 499-4214 toddk@rpmgllc.com dstruve@senecaco.com of a new governor1983The legislature meets and passes a bill Petroleum Products, Wholesale Phone (952) 465-3227 Phone (303) 744-2125 allowing three-way insurance. Business is delighted and the unions are Pilot Flying J Ethanol Supplier Construction, Service Provider, furious1984 greets employers with a whopping 13.2% SIIS premium Ted Brennan Renewable Energy Group C-Store & Fuel System Design increase(1985) Business is not a happy camper! So, yet another ted.brennanJeremiah Jones Sequential Biodiesel LLC three-way bill is introducedGovernor Bryan vetoes the billbasing @pilottravelcenters.com jeremiah.jones@regi.com Norm Ueunten his campaign on putting the heat on the hospitals and the high cost of Phone (865) 474-2626 Phone (253) 363-5174 nyu@crimsonrenewable.com health careHe puts a freeze on SIIS premiums for the next four yearsPetroleum Products, Biodiesel Supplier Phone (209) 601-9880 . 1986 ElectionsBryan wins another four years as governor but only Polar Service Centers Renewable Energy Group Inc Biodiesel Supplier serves two years1990 Acting Governor Miller runs for Governor and Don Olson Harry Allen Service Station Computeris elected. SIIS premiums are increased another 14.5%1991 and big don.olson@polarsvc.com harry.allen@regi.com Systems Inc surpriseemployers get another premium increase of 7.1%1992 Phone (909) 877-8300 Phone (602) 919-4506 Shawn Herrickanother premium increase of 11.4%the average cost to our em-Petroleum Products, Biodiesel Supplier shawn_herrick@sscsinc.com ployer per employee was $500 per year for just workers compensation Polar Service Centers Renewable Energy Group Inc Phone (831) 755-1800(1993) premium increase of 9.2%(1994) 1995The legislature David Martinez Dan Burns Accounting, C-Store Automation, david.martinezComputer Software/Computers, POSmeets, and for five months straight the Senate Commerce Committee @polarsvc.com daniel.burns@regi.com (Point Of Sales), Risk Management hears nothing but SIIS issues. Five bills come out of the hearing and Phone (916) 564-4286 Phone (515) 239-8000 Sheehan Majestic ultimately become lawIn short, ladies and gentlemen, you either get Truck Trailer Repair & Parts Renewable Energy Sheldon Feist involved in politics or you will be out of business!! Polar Service Centers Group Inc (REG) sfeist@sheehanmajestic.com NM: (EM) The LotteryJackpot or Nightmare? The lottery will be Jeff Smith Todd Ellis Phone (406) 543-5100 coming to New Mexico this year and I am sure you are looking forward C-Store Merchandise/Snacks,jeff.smith@polarsvc.com todd.ellis@regi.com Candy, Confection, Tobacco to all of those new customers that will be coming through your doors Phone (503) 757-7600 Phone (515) 239-8000 to purchase their tickets to paradiseUnfortunately, our Legislative Truck Trailer Repair & Parts, Petroleum Products, Biodiesel Supplier Shell Oil Products USTruck & Transport Sales AJ Munday Committee on lottery plans havefinally agreed that it will take two Resin Architecture amanjyot.munday@shell.com executive overseers instead of one, and have hired these two persons Polar Tank Trailers Jonathan Gallup Phone (409) 500-1905 at approximately $100,000 each. On the positive side, the National John Koll jonathanSuppliers, Marketing Association of Convenience Stores (NACS) [is] in the process of conducting jkoll@polartank.com @resinarchitecture.com Shell Oil Products US a national study of Lottery Profitability. Ten NMPMA members were Phone (320) 746-3481 Phone (208) 757-5700Truck Trailer Repair & Parts, Architecture Kristen Maxwell listed among New Truck & Transport Sales Rice-Christ Inc kristen.maxwell@shell.com Mexicos Private 100, JAN 1996 WPMN Clip Premier Distributing Co Phone (832) 806-0290 named and honored in Jimmy Bates Terry Christ Suppliers, Marketing the Albuquerque Business jimmy.batesterryc@rice-christ.com Times and were called Phone (972) 660-6040@premierdistributing.com Equipment Supplies, Petroleumthe engines that drove Phone (505) 344-0287 Equipment, Manufacturing state commerce.Beer46 www.wpma.com / Winter 2020'