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Dan Heltne of Havre was become Marketer Members and Associate Mem- taxlip service to economy and because Congresslooking forward to a chance to thaw out at bers between August 1st and October 31st, 2020. doesnt have the guts to tax as they should, we willthe convention in Las Vegas, NV in February.continue to borrow and run our interest bill overNV: A General Membership meeting was scheduled 20 billion dollarsFrank Ikard, president of theduring the IOMA convention in February.GetUpside American Petroleum Institute says that the US willUT: January 8 thwas fairly well attended, consider-Regan Kleinpeter be confronted with large increased demands for ouring the stormy weather and slick highways. Two 1701 Rhode Island Ave NW product in 1971. He lists among other things thatmembers of the UT Legislature gave very interesting Washington, DC20036 would help meet these demands, the reopening of theinformation on some of the problems confronting Phone(512) 573-5770 Suez Canal and the completion of the TAPS Pipelinethis law-making body. After the festivities many E-mail: regan@getupside.com from the Alaska north slopeIf Congress passesattended a Hockey Game at the Salt Palace. Associate Member,10/20/20 laws to meet these demands, we pay for it throughNOJC: President Leo Guttman appointed Gordon H. increased taxes. Wilson of Saginaw, Mich., as chairman of the councils Sunoco Inc 1970 (Dec 2) The US Environmental Protectiongovernment affairs committee.Agency (EPA) began operations.John Moak (Dec 23) The North Tower of the World Trade CenterIOMA:The 19th annual Convention and Trade 13330 Noel Rd #724 topped out at 1,368 feet, making it the tallestExposition: MondayGolf Tournament. TuesdayDallas, TX75240-5092 building in the world. NOJC Western Regional Breakfast; Golf Tournament Phone(281) 460-9908 at Sahara NV Country Club; Ladies Hospitality with E-mail: john.moak1(Dec 29) US President Richard Nixon signed theDon The Beachcomber; and supplier hospitalities. @sunoco.com Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) into law. WednesdayTrade Exposition open; Keynote Dr. Associate Member,08/01/20 1970 (JAN IOMN)McFarland; Get Acquainted Coffee Break; Speaker President (EJW)Joe Byrne VP of Marketing, Union Oil Company; Thabet Managment Inc There are so fewNo Host and Ladies Luncheon; the Washington Lutfi Thabet doing so much forDC scene with Gregg Potvin, Executive VP of NOJC; so many. A fewGet Acquainted Pepsi Break with Speaker Arthur 1700 Valley River Dr STE 300 hundred of us areRichard, VP of Marketing, Tokheim Corporation. Eugene, OR97401 carrying the ballThursdayTrade Exposition and Program with Mr. E-mail: lthabet@thabetinvestments.com for several hundredJE Joe Bickel, President of the Automotive Service Member,10/06/20 non-members. ItIndustries Association (ASIA); Get Acquainted Coffee JAN 1970 IOMN Cover Clipmakes no difference ifbreak with surprise speaker; Ladies Hospitality, S you are a branded or un-branded jobber, a commission agent, or operate a truck station, you are making you livelihood by selling petroleum products and all receive some benefit from the AssociationHow often have improved communications improved your profit picture, Mr. OilBrand Meeting, Major Suppliers Annual Reception Marketer? Think it over. The cost is small. The rewardsin the Space Center; concluding with a Dinner Dance are large, and you will have the satisfaction of know- and Program.ing YOU are not riding on the FREE WAGON. More topics were Octane Numbers Must be on (JAM) State Legislatures & The Small BusinessmanPumps by June 28, Nation Faces Decision on Energy,This is the time of year when the Legislatures inID Gas Tax Hike for streets explained, Energy Crisis in our states meet. These honorable law-makingUS, New Regulations on Tax Deposits, Choice-Vend bodies have anything but an easy scheduleDevelops Dispenser for Motor Oil, Why Not Rent laid out for them in the next 60 days AnyOur Lube Bays (Service stations to be convenience group of businessmen that does not protectstores), Will State Get Self-Service Gas Stations, its interests in a professional manner atMountain States Grow!, and Highway Costs.legislature time will suffer, and usuallyMotto for Price Wars: It is useless for us to attempt through the pocketbook. 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