b'2020-2021 Safe and Happy Holiday GreetingsCEOs MessagecontinuedThe challenges being faced by our industry today will hopefully be resolved in early 2021. I believe these challenges will help make our industry stronger and more efficient. They have made us review the way we do business and have helped us play at the top of our game to give us a competitive edge. I think challenges are opportunities to grow, and keep us from becoming too complacent, letting life pass us by. Life is a journey to enjoy with no defined destination but the one we envision, so stay positive - there seems to be light at the end of the tunnel. Hope-fully, we can look back on the challenges of 2020 and see how we have survived and become stronger in the end. As the year draws to a close, our thoughts turn to those who have made our progress possible. At WPMA, the progress we have made this past year has come through the support of our great members. WPMA members make the difference in our level of success. We may have a great trade show, we may have been successful in our lobbying efforts and have grown our membership, but without members willing to give countless hours of service the association would not be a success.As I reflect on the past year, I hope we can all say, been there done that. The WPMA staff and I wish to express our appreciation for your goodwill, the very foundation of business success. In the spirit of friend-ship, we send you our hope for a continuing positive business relation-ship, and our best wishes for a pleasant holiday season. SBusiness Card from Years Past Retro Friends in the Industry The WPMAScholarship FoundationThis is a businesswould love your help!card used by You are donating to a veryGene Inglesbysworthy causethe education of grandfatherbackour future leaders. Your dona-tion is tax deductible and your in 1944 when he was acompany will also receive name gasoline and oil recognition and exposure, if your distributor for Standarddonation is received beforeOil of California JANUARY 29th!(now Chevron). Your name will be listed:Note that the phone number for the warehouse was 12 and the4In the onsite WPMAEXPOphone number of the residence was 341. Dial phones had not yetProgram booklet (TBD)come to Tooele, Utah in 1944. To place a call you picked up theOn scholarship signage duringphone and the operator would say, number please. You would4the WPMAEXPO (TBD)say 341 and she would say thank you, Ill connect you and4With your item on the auction the phone would ring at the number you were calling. If the linewebsite/WPMA Appwas busy the operator would say Im sorry the line is busy.byJanuary 29 THPlease try your call again later, and you would hang up.In the Post4RETRO WPMAEXPOI came across the card while going through some old familyWPMA News Magazinerecords. Thought you might want . a little history . as it does relate to the WPMA CEO.Download and/or print a SilentBest personal regards, Bill Inglesby,WPMA Special Member Auction or a Levels of Donation form today, by going towww.wpma.com/scholarship!66 www.wpma.com / Winter 2020'