b'Member Information continuedAssociate Members by Company(As of October 30) This Quarter in History25 Years Agocontinued. November, December and JanuaryFor complete Associate Member information go to www.wpma.com/associate-member-searchID: (DM) The 1996 Convention in August Miller Companies LC Motor Power Equipment Co New Mexico Lottery was scheduled for the Boise Convention Greg Gittins Brian Sunwall Pamela Poteat Center, which offered a great opportunity greg.millercompaniesbrian.sunwall@mtrpwr.com ppoteat@nmlottery.com to enjoy many of the events and fine res-@gmail.com Phone (406) 252-5651 Phone (505) 342-7632 taurants around Boise, along with the Alive Phone (435) 245-4619 Truck & Transport Sales, Trucking Lottery After Five night street celebration. The 1997 Trucking Mountain West Northwest Pump convention was scheduled for August in Miller Nash Graham & Dunn Building Maintenance Missy Stearns Coeur dAlene. Brian Doherty Linda Wightman missy.stearns@nwpump.com MT: (RA) October convention racked up ex-brian.dohertylinda@mtwestbm.com Phone (503) 205-2142 cellent attendance. An article from Montana @millernash.com Phone (801) 964-1124 Dispensers, POS (Point Of Sales), Phone (503) 205-2333 Janitorial Services Underground Storage Tanks Taxpayers Association (MonTax) on Governor Legal Services Mountain West Insurance Northwest Pump Racicots comments to citizens in Boseman Modern Welding Co & Financial Services Bill Mathews about tax reform was shared. Ronna Dale Kovalczyk Bill Fortner bill.mathews@nwpump.com concluded, Eastern Montana is experiencing dkovalczyk@modweldco.com billf@mtnwst.com Phone (503) 789-8242 renewed interest from major oil companies Phone (801) 361-7479 Phone (505) 327-4441 Dispensers, Petroleum Equipment,as a result of tax incentives for horizontal Above Ground Storage Tanks,Insurance, Risk Management POS (Point Of Sales) wells and new production passed by the 1993DEC 1995 WPMN Clip Underground Storage Tanks, Northwest Pump legislature. An effort should be made to extend similar Oil/Water Separators Musket Corporation Mark Mathews incentives to other resource extractive industriesnot only developing Modern Welding Company ofThor Ivanoff mark.mathews California Inc thor.ivanoff@musketcorp.com @nwpump.com new activity but extending the life of existing mines is in the states Phone (503) 928-1675 economic interest. If Montana chooses to use this source of revenue as Robert Bartlett Suppliers Phone (503) 227-7867 part of a balanced tax system, it must produce a business climate and a rbartlett@modweldco.com Petroleum Equipment,Phone (559) 275-9353 N POS (Point Of Sales), Pumps tax climate that promote the production of minerals land tax revenue.Tank Manufacturing,NOV Fiber Glass Systems Northwest Pump NV: (PK) Star SightingCBSs 60 Minutesfeatured a NevadaAbove Ground Storage Tanks, Lisa Blassingame petroleum marketer in a positive lightAs Tom tells it, tennis great Underground Storage Tanks lisa.blassingame@nov.com Jim MoranMontana Lottery Phone (210) 842-5777 jim.moran@nwpump.com Andre Agassi has been coming to his truck stop restaurant, the Mule Teer, Phone (253) 850-4650 for yearsAndre and Brooke (Shields) would be there for breakfast. Steve Erickson Petroleum Equipment, FiberglassFuel Storage Tanks (UST), Retail Petro-serickson@mt.gov Products, Service Station Equipment leum Equipment, Tank Monitoring The coming and goings of the couple and what they like to eat are closely Phone (406) 444-5827 NWESTCO Northwest Pump guarded secrets. Tom says, They come to the Mule Teer to get away from Lottery Ryan Lougheed Mike Meyer the crowds and we respect that. Montana Pepsi Cola Bottlers ryanl@nwestco.com mike.meyer@nwpump.com NM: (EM) Took the opportunity to recognize the many companiesMurphy Hirschy Phone (406) 270-7319 Phone (253) 850-7867 and individuals who generously contributed their time and assets mhirschyCar Wash Equipment & Supplies,Dispensers, Petroleum Equipment,for the good of the NM Association. Thanks again, and to all of our Petroleum Equipment, POS (Point Of Sales@montanavendor.com Service Station Equipment members, make a New Years resolution to become a participant andPhone (406) 565-9087 not a spectator of NMPMA in 1996.Equipment Supplies, Beverages/Drinks, Frozen Beverages, Food/Ice UT: (GS) A story of The Birth of an Agency was shared. From early 1921 with Daddy Fifield of Continental Oil Company to 2020 Associate NewsVernals Conoco agency with Harmon Sowards of Ashley Val-ley Co-op. The struggles of delivery from Raven Oil Refining EMV OPTIONScontinued from page 39 Company in Rangley, CO via a small tank truck to the UT Oil Refining Company of Salt Lake, delivering in a dry freight van.If you have NCR/Radiant POSthey add other value, are notAND have an available Invencoidentified. Equipment cost and installationLater product from CO came from a Texaco refiner. By 1956 Optic service network, consider thefigures were contributed and confirmed bythere were competitions and contractsH.S. Sowards had gone petroleum equipment distributor/service Invenco Optic option.company-members of the Petroleum from rolling barrels down the street to a fleet of nineteen transports, Equipment Institute.supplying his customers with over 30,000,000 gallons per year. HarmonIf you are on a generic networkBennett Pump Company indeed had the world by the tail with a downhill pull. He became theAND have older dispensers, www.bennettpump.comoldest agent with the longest tenure in the history of Conoco.consider the Freedom Electronics Dover Fueling Solutions WA: (MS) My Fondest Christmas MemoryIll never forget that Easy Pump kit with a Sound www.doverfuelingsolutions.com Payments terminal.Freedom Electronics Christmas Eve, especially my dads generosity with his family. But one www.freedomelectronics.com/quick hand of friendship that he extended that night hit me like a brick. *The vendors mentioned include those identi- what-we-do.html#emvsolutions Just as we were closing the trunk of the Fairlane, an African-AmericanGilbarco Veeder Rootfied in the Conexxus list of companies (aswww.gilbarco.com/us/man walked by the front of the truck stopmy dad, without a mo-of November 1, 2020) that manufacture the Invenco www.invenco.com/sments hesitation, called the man over, hoisted him one of the fish from EMV terminal itself, plus their key partners. NCR www.ncr.com Articles identifying vendors that appearedthe trunk and said Merry Christmas, friend. The man smiled, thanked my in the NACS publication Fuels Market News Sound Payments www.soundpayments.com dad whole-heartily, and walked away. The entire encounter lasted only were also used. In following Conexxus policy,**CSP Outdoor EMV Liability Shift Coulda few seconds. But somehow that night, that one encounter has created resellers and distributors of equipment, even if Cause Heavy Fines Aug 11, 2020. for me a memory I cherish every Christmas. Thanks, dad. And Merry S Christmas to you, friends! 42 www.wpma.com / Winter 2020'