b'2020 Associatssociae Nete Newsw s 2020 ASIX HIGH-IMPACT Changes to Combat Cyberattacks!Slickrock Security has partnered with WPMA to offer their expertise in protecting our mem-bers from cyberattacks! Our partnership provides WPMA members with discounts on prod-uct offerings and access to information on keeping your business safe from attack. Here are six low-cost, high-impact changes you can make today to help protect your business. By Patrick GodfreyRed Rock Security 1. ficult. If you have no idea where to get started with Eliminate Open WIFI Guest NetworksCo-Founder/President Open WIFI networks are commonly used by homesthis, the experts at Slickrock are happy to help.and businesses for the sake of convenience. Unfor- 4. Back Up!tunately, open truly means open. Open networks areBacking up your important data is a tip youve completely unencrypted, meaning that traffic likely read before, but its too important not to men-not utilizing HTTPS can be freely read - passwordstion. Backup solutions run the spectrum of simple and all. The simple step of securing open WIFI net- to complex, affordable to expensive. The most works with a WPA2 password will encrypt trafficimportant thing is that you are securely backing up for each user. We highly recommend enabling thisand that you TEST your backups! If you have ques-for employees working from home. Even better, uti- tions or want recommendations for a solution to lize dynamic PSKs or a guest portal. We understandmeet your business needs, Slickrock is here to help.that budgets are tight andBy Alan Jeppson IT staff are stretched thin; however, small improve- 5. Update Your SoftwareRed Rock Security ments canCo-Founder make a big difference. Vendors and app designers create great new tools every year. With all that code, comes bugs. Trusted 2.Communicate the Real Risk of Cyberattack developers will patch their software to eliminate Knowledge is power. Dont let your vigilance slipbugs when they are found, but often, it requires you because you feel like you may be small enough toto update your software. We recommend imple-fly under the radar. Cyberattacks on small busi- menting a strict patch schedule where you actively nesses dramatically increased in 2019 and are stillmonitor and apply patches for your systems. Hackers on the rise. Helping educate employees on the realare looking for easy pathways into your network, so threat of digital attack is a crucial step in security.if known exploits dont yield them access, they often Ransomware is big business, and it comes with acontinue their search elsewhere. A fresh set of eyes big price tag. Unfortunately, many businesses arenton your network can help find outdated systems on ready. Take the simple step of talking with employ- your network that you may have forgotten about.ees on how your business could be targeted and6. Get Fresh Eyes on your Networkencouraging them to be careful. Slickrock SecurityAll too often, we become so familiar with our own is offering WPMA members special pricing tools tonetworks that we fail to see flaws that have grown educate your employees. Visit www.slickrocksecu- with time. Services come and go, vendors change, rity.com/wpma for more information and WPMAand patches get skipped. It happens to all of us. member pricing. Getting a fresh, professional look at your network 3. can help you get recommendations on shoring up Help Protect Against E-mail SpoofingIn addition to education mentioned above, emailsome of those missed areas. Third-party security spoofing can be reduced using SPF (Sender Policycompanies like Slickrock Security can provide au-Framework), DKIM (Domain Keys Identifica- dits of your systems to make sure you are keeping tion Mail), and DMARC (Domain Based Messageup in this ever-changing landscape.Authentication Reporting Conformance). In thatAbout Slickrock:alphabet soup are some important tools to help pro- The team at Slickrock has been working with businessestect your users. SPF helps servers verify that emailsfor over 20 years. They specialize in auditing network security are coming from authorized domains. DKIM addsand tailoring recommendations based on each businesses digital signatures to every message to secure againstnetwork usage and risk. Their services include cybersecurity assessments, security awareness training,forgery or altered messages during transit. DMARKnetwork configuration, updates, monitoring, and more. Please enforces both SPF and DKIM authentication. Work- contact patrick@slickrocksecurity.com oring together, these simple (and affordable) practicesalan@slickrocksecurity.com for more information and visithelp make spoofing a real email account very dif- www.slickrocksecurity.com/wpma for special WPMAmember pricing on cybersecurity services. S58 www.wpma.com / Winter 2020'