b'100 Years: 1920-2021 This Quarter in History25 Years Agocontinued. November, December and January Events to RememberWMIC: (L&JA) Said hello to WA again. They had(Dec 7) US space probeadvantage of consumers. One of the more interesting appointments with Western Washington (WOMA)Galileo began itsdebates in Washington DC is between the Clinton Executive Director Mike Sciacca, and visits with Billorbiting of Jupiter Administration and the Republican leadership in Con-Bellman of Wilkins Distributing, Ralph Bauman of Bauman(Dec10) Worstgress. Congress is trying to end the deficit spending Olympic in Port Angeles, and Steve Small of Don Small &snowstorm in Buffalo,and reduce the national debt before the government Sons Oil Distributing in Auburn. They also met with pastNY history, 37.9 in goes bankruptOne of the agencies targeted for President Paul Dennis of Dennis Petroleum in Emmett.24 hours (brokecuts is the EPA. The environmental interest suggests DEC 1995 WPMN ClipTalked with Tom ODay of ODay Petroleum, Jim Henggelerprevious record ofthat without the federal government watching over of Skagit Petroleum and Sedro Wooley at the Chevron25.3 in 1982. such things as petroleum storage tanks, the petroleum Bulk Plant in Arlington. In Bellingham they met with Mike(Dec 13) Christopherindustry will ignore safe practices and procedures. The Price of Price Brothers; Barney Yorkston of Yorkston Oilenvironmental community forgets that our marketing Co and Ed Lowery of Northwest Fuel. In Anacortes visitsReeve was releasedsegment of the industry will not survive if it neglects were with Ted Reisner of Reisner Distributor Inc and hisfrom physical rehab center after his fallsafe environmental and other good business practices. Since father John Reisner. In Centralia, they met with Marty Hull,from his horse in a riding competition.the petroleum industry exists on razor thin margins, even a son of Dan Hull of Dan Hull Distributing and Bulk Plant.US Federal Court voted that cable companies small loss makes financial recovery difficult to accomplish Carl Adolphsen of Cummings Oil Co. was in themust carry local stations.I hope Congress is successful in reducing the deficit by process of rebuilding after a recent fire. In(Dec 21) The city of Bethlehem passed fromlimiting government spending. Cutting the EPA is a good Longview they had a good visit with Steve Israeli to Palestinian control. place to start. Those who feel that the industry will act Wilcox of Wilcox Oil Co and in White(Dec 31) Cartoonist Bill Watterson ended his irresponsibly without big brother looking over our shoulder, Salmon with Frank Hunsaker ofCalvin & Hobbes Comic strip after 10 years, believing are wrong. They forget that laws are still in place and the Hunsaker Oil. In Walla Wall, besidehe had achieved all he could in the medium. legal system is intact. But the biggest deterrent is the desire buying their favorite onions, they1996 (JAN WPMN) (GT)of businesses to continue to exist and to be of service to the made new friends with Bob JacksonBusiness feels that competition,community. Pollut-DEC 1995 WPMN Clip and Dick Harvey of Mountain Oil.customer savvy, and basic legalers and cheats wont Happy Trails to you all. guidelines are enough. Governmentsurvive. Bad busi-1995 (Dec 6) Sixth Billboard Music Awards: TLC, Hootieregulators feel that business is ba- ness practices will and the Blowfish won awards.sically evil, and that someone mustkill a business with King of Pop Michael Jackson collapsed while rehearsingbe constantly monitoring theiror without EPA. JAN 1996 WPMN Clip for an HBO special. 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