b'100 Years: 1920-2021 This Quarter in History.50 Years AgocontinuedNovember, December and January Events to Remember(Jan 2) A US ban on radio and television cigarette1920 (Dec 4) The first major confrontation between advertisements went into effect.prohibition agents of the US Bureau of Internal Revenue (Jan 12) The landmark television sitcom All in the Family,and illegal manufacturers of moonshine (distilled spirits starring Carroll OConnor as Archie Bunker, debuted on CBS. with a 75% or higher alcohol content) took place in an (Jan 31) Apollo 14 lifted off on the third successful lunarisolated area in Bell County and Knox County, KY near their landing mission carrying astronauts Alan Shepard, Stuartborder with Claiborne County, TN. Fourteen agents and Roosa, and Edgar Mitchell. two US Marshals fought a gun battle with an estimated 40 moonshiners, during an attempt to serve arrest warrants. 75 Years Ago (Dec 7) US President Woodrow Wilson delivered his last 1945 (Nov 15) Harry S. Truman, ClementState of the Union address. Because of his illness, he sent Attlee, and Mackenzie King called for ait as a written communication rather than speaking beforeThe Ohio Oil Company marketed its oil products as Linco U.N. Atomic Energy Commission. both houses of the US Congress. The speech was readafter purchasing the Lincoln Oil Refinery in 1920. Photo of a (Nov 16) Cold War: The USaloud in the separate house chambers by the respectivestation in Fremont, Ohio. Marathon of Ohio Oil Co Historyaoghs.orgcontroversially imported 88 Germanclerks. William Tyler Page read the text to the US House of scientists to help in the production ofRepresentatives and George A. Sanderson did the samechains to transfer it to the site of the festivities outside of rocket technology. before the US Senate. Wilson had been the first modernthe Old Colony Theatre split the rock. The split was along 1945 (Dec 4) By a vote of 657, the US Senate approvedUS president to deliver the annual message in a speech tothe repairs that had been made to the rock in 1880, and the the entry of the US into the UN.Congress, setting a precedent that has been in place fortwo sections were cemented back together at the new site. 1946 (Jan 29) The Central Intelligence Group wasmost years since then. 1921 (January) In the US, E. W. Scripps and William established (name changed to the CIA in 1947). (Dec 10) US President WoodrowEmerson Ritter founded Science Service, later renamed Hydraulic fracturing experiments began in the 1940s inWilson was awarded the Nobel PeaceSociety for Science and the Public, with the goal of keeping the USA. Massive hydraulic fracturing, generally involvingPrize for the work in establishing thethe public informed of scientific developments. injecting over 150 short tons, or approximately 300,000League of Nations. Because of illness,During the early twentieth century, oil production pounds of proppant, was first applied by Pan AmericanPresident Wilson was unable to travelcontinued to climb. By 1920, oil production reached 450 Petroleum in Stephens County, Oklahoma, in 1968. to Christiana (now Oslo) to accept themillion barrels - prompting fear that the nation was about Hydraulic fracturing operations have grown exponentiallyaward and his message was read aloudto run out of oil. Government officials predicted that the since the mid-1990s, when technologic advances andby the US Minister to Norway, Albert G. Schmedeman. nations oil reserves would last just ten years. increases in the price of natural gas made this technique(Dec 21) The last US War Savings Certificate stamps to raiseUp until the 1910s, the US produced between 60 and economically viable. ( en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_the_petroleum_ revenue during World War I, were sold. Issued since 1917,70 percent of the worlds oil supply. As fear grew that industry_in_the_United_States) the stamps were a quarterly-compounded 4% investmentAmerican oil reserves were dangerously depleted, the 100 Years Ago with a five-year maturity date in 1917. The final series hadsearch for oil turned worldwide. digitalhistory.uh.edu1920 (Nov 2) Republican US Senator Warren G. Hardinga maturity date of January 1, 1926.(Jan 21) The full-length silent comedy-drama film The Kid, defeated Democratic Governor of OH James M. Cox in theThe 300th anniversary of the landing of the Mayflower andwritten, produced, directed by and starring Charlie Chaplin US presidential election, the first national US election inthe Pilgrims was observed at Plymouth, MA. 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