b'EMV OPTIONS 2020 Associate News Tby attendees at Contactless is also preferred by the The question I was most often askedthe last WPMA convention in Las Vegas went something likecustomer as an important option in this: OK, I plan to stay in the fuel dispensing business afterlight of the COVID-19 pandemic. the EMV liability shift. I understand the risk of not upgrading According to the September 30, to outdoor EMV and I want to be fully EMV operational. Put-ting aside the issue of When should I?, what are my options?2020, Conexxus survey of conve-Here are the key questions to ask as you make your decision.nience and retail fueling facility By Bob Renkes,owners, 81 percent of the respon- President ofBefore spending any money on equipment, * dents to the survey plan to installFiberglass Tankconsider: contactless EMV payment systems and Pipe Instituteto their fueling islands.1.DOES IT MAKE SENSE to buy completely new dispensers from the OEM (Bennett, Gilbarco or Wayne)? A big sellingSome kits include contactless in the price, while others point is that you get the newest generation of electronics and acharge $1,000 to $2,000 for that option. Make sure that 2-year warranty. Each dispenser will run you $14,000-$18,000,contactless is included in your quote.depending on manufacturer and the options purchased.7. Can you afford to delay?2.DOES A RETROFIT KIT MAKE SENSE? First, how old is Some network penalties and chargebacks for indoor your dispenser, and what model do you have? Thats impor-tant because not all dispensers have upgrade kits available. IfEMV cost $300 per month. Expectations are that outdoor a kit is available for your dispenser, consider if you want onepenalties could be higher. Talk to your network about the from an OEM ($6,000-$9,000) or non-OEM like Invencoliability shift for outdoor, and what you might expect to pay Optic or Freedom Electronics Easy Pump kit without EMV equipment.(powered by Sound Payments) ($3,000-$6,000). Nobody knows for sure what the penalties for non- 3. WHAT POS DO YOU HAVE, and what network are you on? compliance for outdoor EMV will be, but industry experts think it could be higher than $300 per month, and as muchOEM retrofit kits work with almost every major POS.as $17,000 per month. **Financing four dispenser retrofit kits over five years can be as low as $450-$550 per month, giving you EMV security for much less than the averageInvenco Optic terminals are most often installed with NCR/Radiant POS. expected penalty. Sound Payments is currently certified on the larger, ge- 8. Recommendations. Buy new for the reasons mentionedneric payment processing networks like FirstData and HPS. earlier. If that is too expensive: 4. I f you go with a kit, is it certified for installation by the If your station is high volume AND a site refresh willauthority having jurisdiction (Fire Marshall)? increase volume, consider new pumps. All Bennett, Gilbarco, Invenco Optic, NCR and WayneIf you are on a major oil network AND have relativelykits are certified. Sound Payments terminals with Freedomnew equipment (2015 or newer), consider upgrading with Electronics Easy Pump installation kits are certified as well. OEM retrofit kits.5. How much does it cost to install the equipment? continued on page 42Buyers GuidecontinuedFor new dispensers, installation and start-up costs are about $1,500-$2,000 per dispenser. Installation of an OEM Retrofit kit with therequired communications equipment can cost about $500-$1,000 per dispenser. Some retrofit kits seem faster and easier to install.For example, several installers have quoted $200-$300 per dispenser for installation of the Freedom BY ALL MAJOR Electronics Easy Pump kit. BRANDS6. Should the kit include a contactless reader? Contactless has gained popularity outside theUnited States because it is seen as both easier andpwm-usa.comfaster to use. Call 713.290.0626WPMA News / Winter 202039'