b'2020 Recipients ReportScholarship FoundationOvercoming ChallengesDuring the Pandemicby Kathy Michaelis,WPMA Scholarship SFCoordinatorSeveral of our WPMA Scholarship recipientsrecently reported on the challenges they overcame while attending college during the COVID-19 pandemic this past spring. Each spoke of how these challenges strengthened them and helped them to succeed. Here are their comments: This last winter semester will forever be uniquegiven all thechanges that came with COVID-19. Despite challenges as learning transitioned to online, I feel good about my academic performance given the unexpected stress that came in this period of the unknown. This semester was also different for me given that this was also my first semester working while also doing school full time. Being able to handle these two changes in my life gives me reassurance that I can handle what the future holds as I navigate what I want to do. I am Nefi Perez still awaiting what the future holds as I wait for the announcement NEVADA SCHOLARSHIP on whether I will be admitted to the Information Systems program; a program that I have decided to pursue instead of medicine. Nefi PerezNevada 2016 This past year I made the big decisionto switch career paths andfollow my passion of nutrition. And let me tell you, while this last year was a rollercoaster, I am certain that making that switch was one of the best decisions of my life. After 10 months of hard work, I can finally say that I am a certified Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (FNTP). The majority of the course work was online; therefore, I was forced to be disciplined in order to learn the material. I also was meant to have three in-person workshops in San Francisco, however two were Ashlyn Rowden moved online due to COVID-19. While my year went a little bit differ-ent than I was expecting, I wouldnt change a thing. I found that online learning is something that works well for me, and I now have more of IDAHO SCHOLARSHIP the knowledge that will help me make a difference in this world. Ashlyn RowdenIdaho 201762 www.wpma.com / Winter 2020'