b'2020 Safe and Happy Holiday Greetings ~ Yule Tidings from Utah!UUTAH Petroleum Marketers & Retailers Association Report PMStateInterim R WAUtah Update UT Legislative Action AElectionResults The State Legislature metfor remote interim commit-tee meetings in October, with The Natural Resources, Agri-Heading into the 2020 culture and Environment Interim Committee following the State Legislative elections,recommendation of a recent Legislative Audit to consider UPMRA handed out or mailedregulating Above Ground Storage Tanks (ASTs). campaign contribution checks toA committee bill is being drafted that would require ASTs John Hill85 incumbents and candidates,to register and report what type of product is stored, the size UPMRAUPMRA Executive Director totaling $12,600. Additionally, of tank, age, and tank/piping material of construction. The UPMRA donated $3,750 tobill will also likely require ASTs to obtain financial assur-House and Senate Politicalance, and require spill reporting and cleanup. UPMRA will Parties, and $500 to our futurebe actively engaged with this legislation.governor Spencer Cox. Total UPMRA contributions for 2020 were $16,850. Upcoming MeetingsWhile Democrats are on track to pick up a few seats in the Utah Legislature, they are not enough to erase theWPMA is moving forward with the 2021 EXPOtwo-thirds super-majority that Republicans enjoy in bothin Las Vegas on February 16-18 at The Mirage Conven-chambers. While final results werent in when this was writ- tion Center, with Trey Gowdy (four-term South Carolina ten, industry friends: Rep. Eric Hutchings and Rep. SteveCongressman) as keynote speaker. In August, the slot Eliason were trailing their democratic opponents, as is Rep.machines at The Mirage started turning again, and the deal-Jim Dunnigan. Rep. Robert Spendlove, Rep. Craig Hall anders officially returned to shuffling and dealing. Las Vegas is Rep. Cheryl Acton are holding small leads in their races, butpromoting a new Vegas, for a new reality that is getting Rep. Tim Quinn, who retired last year, will be replaced byready just for us!Democrat Meaghan Miller.Day on Capitol HillFebruary 24, 2021In the State Senate, both parties are on track to maintain the seats they currently hold, giving the Republicans a 23-6Join UPMRA members and State Legislatorsat supermajority. our annual Day on Capitol Hill held during the legislative On the federal level, the Republicans easily won in Dis- session. This year, on Wednesday, February 24th, plan to tricts 1-3, with Blake Moore replacing 9-term GOP Rep.invite your key employees to lunch at noon, and meet with Rob Bishop. Rep. Stewart and Curtis easily won additionalState legislators to discuss current legislative issues. De-terms, and Rep. Ben McAdams holds an early lead overpending on what issues are being debated by the legislature, challenger Burgess Owens in District 4, although manywe often lobby State legislators after lunch.more ballots need to be counted in republican leaning JuabState PAC Fundraisersand Sanpete Counties.June 24 & September 17, 2021All 7 of Utahs constitutional amendments appear to haveThe UPMRA Summer Golf Classicwill be held at passed, including one controversial amendment to expandBountiful Ridge Golf Course on Thursday, June 24, 2021, how the states Education Fund is useddiverting millionsand Mountain Dell Golf Course has again been booked for to social services not directly related to schools. UPMRA Convention golf on Friday, September 17, 2021. Vote totals wont be certified for a couple weeks, with ap- These two events are the primary sources of funding for the proved amendments taking effect in January. UPMRA State PAC Fund.continued on page 3028 www.wpma.com / Winter 2020'